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DVD Review

New Cutey Honey: Collection 1

DVD Gradings:
Audio: B+
Video: A-
Packaging: A-
Menus: B
Extras: A-

For my primary viewing session, I listened to the English language version, which Iíll note was done well, but I listen to the Japanese version as well. Both English and Japanese tracks sound great. The sound is very solid, and dialogue is very clear. I found no distortion in neither language. I am somewhat satisfied with the audio.

A very good transfer for a series first released in 1994. The colors are well represented and vibrant. I found no rainbows or bleeding. I noticed minor grains in episode 1, when the moto-mutant gang attacks. When my disc reached 1:25:30 there was artifacting for about 2 seconds.

The packaging is very cool in my opinion. The front of the cover is identical to the first English dubbed volume. A nice picture of Honey transforming into her Warrior form. The spine features Honey in her regular form. The back has four screen captures, along with a brief summary of the show. The back also lists the features included on the disc, except the Press Conference was not listed. The insert features a picture of Cutey Honey from the cover of the third English dubbed volume, along with some screen captures in the background. The back lists the chapter stops for the episodes. I noticed ADV had made a mistake, listing four chapter stops for each episode when they actually have five.

These menus are great. The main menu is very cool. It uses the same picture of Honey from the cover, with four running clips, casting in blue, playing in the background (one for each of the four episodes), with the ending theme, "Circle Game", playing. The sub-menus are basically static screens featuring Honey in different forms and poses, they all play music as well.

The extras on this disc are the same extras found at the end of the New Cutey Honey videos. These are great extras. First up, is the unlisted Press Conference. Very fun to get to know the people who put work into this series. We also get a cute Costume Play which also includes Miss Hitomiís (Les 5-4-3-2-1) performance of the (original Japanese) Cutey Honey theme song. There some very funny Phone Messages included here, Iíd like to try them sometime. And to top it off, a Production Portfolio, which runs for 5 minutes featuring character designs and cel art. I was hoping since they do not use the original opening sequence (used for episodes 1-4) that it would be in the extras. No original Japanese opening here. They use the second opening which is originally used for episodes 5-8, because it obviously had a credit-less version. No credit-less opening 2 either (nor ending).

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