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DVD Review

New Cutey Honey: Collection 2

DVD Gradings:
Audio: B+
Video: A
Packaging: A-
Menus: B
Extras: A

I usually watch this disc in English, since I'm fond of the dub and its actors. Though, I have listened to both tracks. Both English and Japanese tracks sound great. The sound is very solid, and dialogue is very clear. I found no distortion in neither language. I am somewhat satisfied with the audio.

Since these four episodes were done a year later from the last four the picture is more nicer. I found no artifacting, no bleeding, or rainbows. Very clear and crisp. A well-done transfer in my opinion.

The packaging is very cool in my opinion. The front of the cover is identical to the second English dubbed volume. A nice picture of Honey transforming into her Warrior form. The spine features Honey in her biker form. The back has four screen captures, along with a brief summary of the show. The back also lists the features included on the disc, except the Recording Session was not listed. The insert features a picture of Cutey Honey from the cover of the fourth English dubbed volume, along with some screen captures in the background. The back lists the chapter stops for the episodes. I noticed ADV had made a mistake, listing four chapter stops for each episode when they actually have five.

These menus are great. The main menu is very cool. It uses the same picture of Honey from the cover, with four running clips, casting in blue, playing in the background (one for each of the four episodes), with the ending theme, "Circle Game" (though this ending theme is not used in these four episodes), playing. The sub-menus are basically static screens featuring Honey in different forms and poses, they all play music as well.

The extras on this disc are the same extras found at the end of the New Cutey Honey videos. These are great extras. First up, we have an interview with three of the main voice actresses from the Japanese version. The voice actresses for Honey, Chokkei, and Natsuko answer questions from fans, and we get to know them well. There is even a name-a-villain game at the end, really cool. The second extra is a live concert by the "Honeys". These girls are very good singers, and they sing the opening theme song, followed by a song I found quite entertaining. I was jealous how they were giving out New Cutey Honey videos and (what appear to be) trading cards or posters. From here, I began guessing that these features were probably also on the original Japanese Laserdiscs. We also get a cool Recording Session. We get to see the Japanese voice actress for Honey preform the theme song at a recording studio, kind of like a music video since there are scenes from the series. And at last, we have the original Japanese trailer, plus a few of the ADV trailers. No credit-less opening or ending here (And I just loved the second ending used for these last four episodes...). One of the ADV trailers is MOST of a credit-less opening, but some (adult) scenes were changed to series clips. I do remember from an ADV VHS (Devil Hunter Yohko - dubbed) there was a trailer for New Cutey Honey Volume 3, which is not included here, and it was a complete credit-less version of the opening... Other than that, these were great extras.

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