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Interview with Jessica Calvello

Jessica Calvello

How did you get the role for Cutey Honey?
A.D.Vision called me in to read for Honey-Chan along with 9 other female VAs. We were all to be recorded separately and to be out onto a CD to be mailed to Mr. Go Nagai himself. He wanted to personally cast who would voice Honey. When I got the call that I was the VA Nagai-san had chosen, I didn't believe the person (Malinda) on the other line. The conversation went a little like this:
Malinda: "Jessica, congratulations! When can you come in to the studio? We need to record you for Cutey Honey!"
Jessica: "That's great! What role am I playing in Cutey Honey?
Malinda: "No, we need to record YOU for Cutey Honey!"
Jessica: "Malinda, I KNOW the name of the anime, I am just trying to figure out which part I play!!! Did I get like a supporting role or something?"
Jessica: "OH! I'M CUTEY HONEY? ME?????"
Malinda: "YES!"
::Jessica falls over and faints:: :)

Did you enjoy playing Cutey Honey?
ummmm....lemme think.....YES!!!!!

Did you get along with any of the other VAs?
Sure! I became quite good friends with Tiffany Grant (Daiko), Greg Stanley (Akakabu), and Brett Weaver (Devil Man), and Brian Bounds. But, my becoming friends with them didn't have so much to do with the fact that we were all involved in the recording of Cutey Honey as everyone records separately. Sometimes you NEVER get to meet who you are playing opposite of, even if it is a long series. I got to know these people because they were all working actors in the Houston area. I actually met Brian Bounds (Dolmeck) when I was 18 and involved in my first Houston community theater production! It was a trip being reacquainted with him after all these......ok, well it wasn't THAT long ago that I was 18! ;) And Tamra Lo (Black Maiden) and I got to meet a few times in passing at the studio while recording for Ruin Explorers, so when we saw each other all of ONCE during the recording of Cutey Honey, it was more like, "Good to see you again - for five seconds." Brett and I eventually met because I INSISTED on meeting the sexy voice behind DevilMan, and Brett and I ended up hitting it off. Everyone that I got to meet that recorded on the Cutey Honey dub was very cool and I was proud to be involved in a project with such a stellar cast. They are talented AND nice.

Do you think any of the other Cutey Honey series should be dubbed and released?
Oh, man, yeah! It was a drag that the whole New CH series ended the way it did! It totally needed one more volume to end the series, which it was originally was supposed to have. I think Honey is such a great heroine. I think all of Honey's animes should be showcased whether it is dubbed or subbed. Of course, I would LOVE to work on another dub for Honey, so I am biased. But I do really love the character.

Have you learned anything from playing Cutey Honey?
Ah, perfect segue!!! What I have learned from Cutey Honey:
1) You don't have to kill your enemies to get a point across. Meaning, Honey only fights out of defense and out of the love for her family and the innocent people that need her help. If Honey could have her way, she wouldn't kill anyone, she would just give them a stiff talking to, but that isn't the way the rest of her world operates, so she often has to fight to the death. So my point is: Fight in the name of love and justice and all that is good and you will overcome evil, but don't use violence or other forms if abuse unless your life is at stake.
2) You can look good while kicking ass.

What would you do if ADV asked you to play as Honey again in another series?
BEG to be the voice.

What do you do in you're spare time?
I plethora of things! :) When I am not voice acting, singing, rehearsing on stage, performing in a play, or filming, I like to kickbox, watch movies, make beaded necklaces - I also cater on the side...which is not for enjoyment or anything, but that definitely takes up some spare time! I have also recently started taking Japanese classes! That takes up a great deal of time and is VERY hard!

When you were a little chibi-Jess, what did you want to be when you grow up?
Hmmmm - when I was a little Chibi-Jess, I wanted to be a....ummm......a BIG Chibi-Jess!!! :)

Thank you for your time Jessica.
Thanks, for a great Interview, Abe!!

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