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     Honey Kisaragi attends "Saint Chapel School", along with her sister, Seira Hazuki, and her boyfriend, Seiji Hayami. The Panther Claw, an evil organization, has kidnapped her father, and it's up to Honey to rescue him. Cutey Honey's identity is known to the viewers, but no one knows the identity of Cutey Honey's rival, Misty Honey. Honey is also equiped with a "Heart Gun", which shoots lightning, ice, and fire, a boomerang, and a sword. Her finishing attack is the "Honey Lightning Flare!" Also to note, her ability to transform is from magic, and not from her neck braclet in the OVA (nor is she an android).

Misty Honey also has a boomerang and a sword. During her transformation, she cries out, "Honey Crash!" (Honey uses "Honey Flash!"). When she combines with Cutey Honey, they become "Hyper Honey".

The same character designer who worked on Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon SuperS and Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Sailor Stars did this series' character designs, so no, it isn't just a "Sailormoon Rip-Off" as bashers say.

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