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Welcome to The Ultimate Cutey Honey Resource, an entire website dedicated to one of Go Nagai's most popular works, Cutey Honey. This website includes: information for all of the Cutey Honey series, image galleries, interviews, reviews, and much, much more! - Abraham Chinchilla Jr.

Last Updated:
July 9, 2003 - New announcment!

Honey News

New Announcment!
First of all, congratulations on making this website's second year a great one! I thank you for your support, and hope that this website's third year will be just as great! Now I've decided to let you all know about the big news. First of all, there's going to be some big changes very soon, big changes! First of all, pop-up banner ads? Gone. There is a new layout still in the works, and more content than you can imagine, The Ultimate Cutey Honey Resource will be even more ultimate than it has ever been! So stay tuned, or rather bookmark this website ( and keep on the look-out.

A new Cutey Honey TV series?
ADV Films announced that they have licensed the rights for a new Cutey Honey TV series... [MORE]

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