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Character Profiles

Honey Kisaragi: Honey is a normal school girl attending Saint Chapel Academy. She is fairly popular and is an excellent fencer. But, as normal as she seems, Honey is able to magically transform herself into plenty of forms and disguises, by calling out "Honey Flash". She has a cool cellular phone which can make her voice sound different, and she has a "Heart Band" which she uses to transform.

Cutey Honey: Cutey Honey is Honey's super heroine "alter-ego". Cutey Honey uses her magical powers to transform herself into many forms and disguises. She also has a few useful weapons, the "Hot Heart Gun", the "Honey Boomerang", and her sword.

Takeshi Kisaragi: Takeshi is Honey's father, who is a scientist and inventor. He is kidnapped in the first episode by the Panther Claw.

Seiji Hayami: Seiji is Honey's boyfriend. He's a detective who usually helps out Cutey Honey in fighting the Panther Claw.

Danbei Hayami: Danbei is the director of Honey's school. In this series he also helps Cutey Honey fight the Panther Claw.

Natsuko Aki: Natsuko is Honey's cheerful best-friend.

Twilight Prince: The Twilight Prince is the person who gave Honey the magicial items which help her to transform into Cutey Honey. He is also there to give her advice, when needed. He even sends white flowers to her. :)

Seira Hazuki: Seira claims to be Honey's younger sister, yet she is always rude to Honey. She secretly uses the phrase "Honey Crash" to become Misty Honey, Cutey Honey's rival.

Misty Honey: Misty Honey is the "evil version" of Cutey Honey. Having a few of the same tools Cutey Honey has, Misty Honey fights for the Panther Claw.

Hyper Honey: Hyper Honey is the combined form of Cutey Honey and Misty Honey. Hyper Honey has a lot of power and is very strong.

The Panther Claw: The members of the Panther Claw are simply men dressed up in black. They are sent to attempt to stop Cutey Honey.

Panther Zora: Panther Zora is the leader of the Panther Claw. Unlike in the original and OVA, she is somewhat of a statue shaped like a demon-ish looking creature (a Panther perhaps?). She is unable to fight, so she gives her instructions to Sister Jill.

Prince Zera: Zera is a high-ranked member of the Panther Claw. He seems to always know what's going on.

Sister Jill: Jill is Panther Zora's brutal and unforgiving second-in-command. She always takes out Panther Zora's orders.

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