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Character Profiles

Honey Kisaragi: Programmed to believe she was a human girl, Honey is an android created by Takeshi Kisaragi, to replace his dead daughter. Honey is able to love and have emotions, which would be unusual for androids.

Cutey Honey: Honey's transformed warrior form. As Cutey Honey, she is able to fight the Panther Claw with her fighting abilities. She also uses her neck braclet and sword as weapons. Since she is programmed to be able to have emotions, she fights for the ones she cares for.

Takeshi Kisaragi: Honey's father and creator. Takeshi is an intelligent scientist who created the Honey android to replace his dead daughter. Takeshi becomes a victim to the Panther Claw.

Seiji Hayami: Seiji is a reporter who assists Honey her in taking down the Panther Claw.

Danbei Hayami: Danbei is a dirty old man who also helps Honey in battling the Panther Claw.

The Panther Claw Gang: The Panther Claw is a female crime organization lead by Panther Zora, and her second-in-command, Panther Jill.

Panther Jill: A woman with powerful abilities who is the active leader of the Panther Claw.

Panther Zora: The true mother and sovereign/messiah of the Panther Claw Gang.

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