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     Scientist Takeshi Kisaragi creates an android replacement for his deceased daughter, Honey Kisaragi. Takeshi Kisaragi uses Honey's powers to fight the evil Panther Zora and the Panther Claw Gang.

Honey has the ability to transform into a variety of different forms and identities. Honey is able to use this special ability to disguise herself or to aid herself in any danger. The heart braclet on her neck is the tool she uses to transform by calling out "Honey Flash".

The Panther Claw find interest in Takeshi Kisaragi's creation, and are willing to do anything to take it for themselves. After her father's death, caused by the Panther Claw, Honey promises to destroy Panther Zora and the Panther Claw.

In the end, Cutey Honey battles and defeats Panther Jill. But, before she could fight Panther Zora, the evil leader destroys Panther Claw Headquaters and runs off, promising to meet Honey again in the future.

The sequal manga series, Cutie Honey, which has more nudity, and violent content, in which Panther Jill had actually survived and reorganizes the Panther Claw.

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