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Past Layouts

     Taking a U-Turn back into time, here you can find a few images and discriptions of some of the website's past layouts.

Layout #01
Layout #01: This was the first layout, back when the website was known as "Cutey Honey 2k". Very basic and plain.

Layout #02
Layout #02: This was Cutey Honey 2k's second layout. It was a basic frame set. There was a no-frames version as well, which was only the content page (which I included a menu at the bottom of the page). The layout was very black and plain.

Layout #03
Layout #03: When "The Ultimate Cutey Honey Resource" was born, this was its first layout. A little less plain. With a chonologic menu on the left side and the content on its right. The basic colors were orange, red, and green.

Layout #04
Layout #04: This was actually an alternate layout for the website. After working a few weeks on the content with this layout, I grew somewhat tired with it, so it was never used, and was replaced by its current layout.

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