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Website History

     The idea of having a website dedicated to Cutey Honey never really entered my mind. It was in September or 2000, I had purchased the first volume of New Cutey Honey since I had interest in it for quite some time. After watching the first two episodes, I found myself loving the show, and wanted more. Sad thing is that my Suncoast seem to had sold out all their videos, and never got any more copies.

At that time, I had started helping out with a friend's website. The more I helped, the more HTML I learned. Around winter 2000, I had decided on making my own website. I was unsure what I wanted to make a website about, but when I rewatched my copy of New Cutey Honey Vol. 1, I know immidiately what to do.

I signed up an account at Angelfire and began working. I didn't know enough HTML to make a nice layout, so a simply frames page was what was done. The menu on the left frame, and the content on the right frame. The original website had been named "Cutey Honey 2k", while not too original, it had to do. After a few weeks of completeing the website, I began getting more hits. By March 2001, I had learned a lot more HTML and had decided to work on a new layout and design for my website, but not too long before March's end, I had decided to start fresh with a new website.

Few problems got in the way, but they were a challenge. I had originally hoped to get the site up by the end of April, but because of phone bills and all, my phone was disconnected. No internet at all. Thankfully, by the end of June, I finally got the phones back and working, and I continued my progress on the new website. By mid-July, I had completed what is now known as "The Ultimate Cutey Honey Resource". While some content was not complete, it was good enough to upload and publish. At that time, I was being hosted by a friend, but she was unable to host me any longer, so I had joined Brinkster. After a few weeks, the website began to become quite popular. Lots of hits were counted, and I grow somewhat proud of my work.

Around the end of the year, I thought about making a new layout, but I had been too busy with a couple of websites I have been making, and a website I had been helping out with. There were a couple of layouts I tested with, but they never turned out well. I had finally made a layout I liked around February in 2002. But as I worked on the website itself, I became bored and slightly annoyed about the layout (image can be found here). So the new layout was put on hold.

The end of my Freshman year was ending, so I never had much time to work on anything new. I managed to get a website up for another cool anime series. Buy for the last two months of the school year, I had put a lot of time on writing a few ideas and notes for a new version and layout for The Ultimate Cutey Honey Resource. By the end of April, I began working on the layout, which is the one you see now. I was very happy with it, so it's surely staying. In the middle of May, I began working on the content. Which included old content into the new layout, revising and editing old content, and coming up with some new content.

After three months of production, I have finally completed the new version of The Ultimate Cutey Honey Resource. Right on time for the website's first birthday. The year that this website has been up has been great, and I hope the website does well in its next couple of years. I thank the Honey otaku (fans) out there, thank you. :)

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